• Identifying Employment Relation

    Identifying Employment Relation

    Who shall participate in this course ?Managers, lawyers, legal counsels, HR directors and other senior executives.OutlinePart One  Definition of Employment Relation and its Separation    I. Definition of Employment    II. Seperation of Employment Relation from Civil Relation    III. Mechanism of Marketing and Justice Part Two  Tests Employed to Identify Employment Relation   I. Control and Management Test   II. Organisation Test   III. Multiple TestPart Four Comments on Mode of Workers   I. Full-time employee and part-time employee   II. Employee and self-contractor   III. Labor dispatchLocation:The 5th floor of Jinshi Lawyers Plazza  For more information, you may contact at 15821797935.

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  • In-house Law Training 2020  企业法律内训系列

    In-house Law Training 2020 企业法律内训系列

    We  render law training services regarding the following topic in 2020:上海沪师双语法律培训2020年为企业提供以下法律内训课程Topics内训课程:Labor and Employment Law劳动法系列i. employment contract law ii. social insurance law and work-related injury insurance lawiii. regulations on payment of wage and salaryiv. labor dispute resolutionv. dealing with employee under special situationvi. dismissal and compensationvii. human resource risks managementviii. recruitment management ix. separation managementCivil and commercial Law training民商法系列i. contract lawii. property lawiii. company law iv. intellectual property lawCivil procedural law training民事诉讼法i. machinary of resolution of civil disputes in China民事争议处理机制ii. evidential rules and presentation of evidences in civil proceedings.民事诉讼证据规则及举证Training process 培训流程:Step One Fill the Application Form to state training requirementStep Two Conclude contract for training serviceStep Three Decide contents of trainingStep Four Develop training plan and materialsStep Five Implement training schemeStep Six  Assess effect of training programStep Seven  Supplementary  training                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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