• In-house Law Training 2020  企业法律内训系列

    In-house Law Training 2020 企业法律内训系列

    We  mainly render law training services for the following topic:博拓双语法律培训2020年为企业提供以下法律内训课程Topics内训课程:Labor and Employment Law劳动法系列i. employment contract law ii. social insurance law and work-related injury insurance lawiii. regulations on payment of wage and salaryiv. labor dispute resolutionv. dealing with employee under special situationvi. dismissal and compensationvii. human resource risks managementviii. recruitment management ix. separation managementCivil and commercial Law training民商法系列i. contract lawii. property lawiii. company law iv. intellectual property lawCivil procedural law training民事诉讼法i. machinary of resolution of civil disputes    民事争议处理机制ii. evidential rules and presentation of evidences证据规则及举证Training process 培训流程:Step One Fill the Application Form to state training requirementStep Two Conclude contract for training serviceStep Three Decide contents of trainingStep Four Develop training plan and materialsStep Five Implement training schemeStep Six  Assess effect of training programStep Seven  Supplementary  training   You may contact us at 13651891249 for more information or send us your request on line.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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  • Employment Contract Law Training 2020  双语劳动合同法培训

    Employment Contract Law Training 2020 双语劳动合同法培训

    Feature: Chinese-English delivered, small-class teaching课程特色:中英双语,小班授课 Who shall take this course?Management课程对象:企业管理人员 Objective: Equip management with knowledge of employment contract law and its application, raise awareness of legal risks.课程目的:掌握劳动合同法知识及应用,提升人力资源法律风险意识。 Outline课程大纲:1.    legislation background、purpose and principles立法背景、目的及原则2、conclusion of employment contract劳动合同的签订3、performance and amendment to employment contract劳动合同的履行和修改4、termination and end of employment contract劳动合同的解除和终止5、collective contract, labor dispatch and part-time worker集体劳动合同、劳务派遣及非全日制用工6、Labor inspection劳动监察制度7、Legal liability 法律责任 Date and time上课安排: Friday: 9:30am – 11:30am1:30pm - 3:30pmCharge课程投资:2000yuan(RMB) for each person Address地点:Hua Ning International Plazza, 300 Xuanhua Road, Changning, Shanghai上海长宁区宣化路300号华宁国际广场。 You may enroll online or contact at 15821797935 for more information. 

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