Employment Law Service 劳动法服务


Peter Tsong, a senior bilingual employment attorny who have rich experience and in-depth professional skills in handling employment matters, along with his team members, render solution to employment matters and provide qualified annual legal counsel service. 资深双语劳动法律师曾国文及他的团队专业为客户提供劳动法问题解决方案,担任公司专项劳动人事法律顾问服务。 

 What make us trustworthy?服务特色

 Dedicated and professional 专业

    Mr. Zeng began to practice labor & employment law in 2002 and have accumulated rich experiences in dealing with employment matters. Mr. and his team dedicates to rending solutions to employment matters for clients. 


 Chinese and English - delivered legal service 中英双语服务

     Mr.Tsong and his team are able to provide bilingual legal service and employment law training, better satisfying clients' needs for global business. 律师工作语言为中文和英文,可以更好地满足企业在在经济全球化的时代中的高质量的法律需求。

Services 服务项目

  A. Labor dispute resolution 


      i. labor arbitration 劳动争议仲裁

      ii. labor litigation 劳动争议诉讼

      iii.labor dispute settlement 劳动纠纷调解

      iv. class action 集体诉讼

 B. Legal counsel for HR management 


      i.strategy and Planning 人力资源战略计划

      ii.recruitment and separation 招聘和离职

      iii.training & deveolopment 人资培训和开发

      iv.wages and performance 工资和绩效

      v.working hours and holidays 工时和假日

      vi. working condition and safety 劳动条件和安全

      vii.special employees management 特殊群体员工管理

      viii. drafting and reviewing of rules and regulations 规章制度起草审查

      ix. collective bargaining 集体谈判

 C. Represent employees in social insurance cases 


      i.  social insurance contribution 社保缴纳

      ii. determination of work-related injury 工伤认定

      iii. assessment of labor capacity 劳动能力鉴定

      vi. claim for work-related injury insurance benefits 主张工伤权益

D.   Dealing with employees under the following circumstances:


       i. business restructuring 企业重组

       ii.business relocation 企业搬迁

       iii.business shutdown 企业关闭

       iv. business dissolution 企业解散

       v. merger & acquisition 并购

       vi. employee reduction 裁员

       vii. employee placement 劳务派遣

       viii.business out sourcing.业务外包

 E. Recruitment and separation


       i. employee background check 员工背景调查

       ii.recruitment documents review 招聘录用相关文件审查

       iii.employment contract 劳动合同

       iv.separation management 离职管理 

  F. Chinese - English delivered Employment law training 


       i. labor contract law 劳动合同法培训

       ii. HR management within legal frame work 人力资源合规管理培训

       iii.Recruitment and separation management 招聘录用管理培训

       vi. Socian insurance law 社会保险法培训

       v. Work-related injury insurance policies 工伤保险法规培训

       vi. Employee disciplining 员工惩处培训

       vii. Labor dispute management 劳动争议处理培训